KORE Trakline Men’s Gun Belt
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The best fitting, most comfortable, concealed carry gun belt you will ever own.

These belts are not those flimsy belts you may have seen in the box store.  This is a true Gunbelt with a heavy duty buckle available in black or brown with 3 different buckle styles to choose from.

Indestructible, hidden track creates over 40+ sizing positions, so you can adjust your belt in small 1/4″ increments. Reinforced poly-core, genuine leather belts (1.5″ wide), and heavy-duty ratchet buckles fit any waist size from 24” to 54”.  Supports light to medium firearms up to 4 lbs. (IWB or OWB).

Includes: Gun Buckle & Black Reinforced Belt Set

The best fitting, most comfortable, secure EDC gun belt you’ll ever own. End of story.

> NO belt holes. Instead – indestructible track with 40+ sizing positions in ¼” increments, for awesome adjustability (800% more vs. traditional leather gun belt with holes).

> Designed to carry a firearm (4 lbs. max), gun belts use poly-core reinforced genuine leather & heavy-duty, spring-loaded ratchet buckles. This belt does more than just look good.

> One-Size fits every waist size from 24” to 54”.

You trim your new gun belt to your precise size. It’s easy and takes just 2 minutes to do.

  1. On the back of the leather belt, we printed a sizing ruler.
    Find your pant size on the ruler and add 4 inches (6" for IWB).
  2. Using sharp household scissors – trim off excess leather.

(for example: your pant size is 34” – cut belt at 38” mark)

  1. Insert cut end of belt into buckle teeth and clamp down firmly.
  2. Feed belt around your waist (L to R), through buckle and click until snug.

5. If belt is too long – leave belt on, remove buckle and trim one inch at a time. a time.

 Buckle pops open bottle tops, or pops off to swap belts, or pass thru airport security with leather on. You’re welcome.

1-Year Warranty.

Heavy-duty ratchet buckles (4.3cm x 6cm) are high-grade zinc alloy (contains nickel) with a gunmetal finish. Only difference between buckle models is the style - mechanism and function are identical. Gun buckles and belts are interchangeable with other Trakline Gun buckles and belts (Not fashion buckles or belts). Underside of the buckle can be used to open bottle tops. Or pop the buckle off, leave the leather on, and pass thru TSA airport security quick and easily.

Gun belts are Genuine Leather with a Reinforced with Polyurethane Core - 1.5” wide and 5.5 mm thick - for added support and to prevent roll-over. Designed to support holstered firearms (IWB & OWB), up to a maximum of 4 lbs. total weight. No belt holes. Trakline gun belts feature a 10” virtually indestructible, hidden track with over 40+ size positions for waist adjustments in small 1/4” increments. Not duty or tactical rated belt, but rather the perfect EDC or CCW belt for work, play, or out on the town. Because no one needs to know you’re carrying.

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KORE Trakline Men’s Gun Belt

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