Olivia Studded Concealed Satchel
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  • CVY002708 TAUPE
  • Dual top carry handles
  • Zipper enclosure
  • Detached shoulder strap
  • Separately concealed compartment on back with 2-zipper-openings for both right and lift hand side carriers
  • Removable holster included
  • Dimensions:13"L x 4"W x 13.5"H
  • Concealed pocket measurement: 10"W X 6.75"H
  • Made with faux leather

All Handbags come with the manufacture's universal faux leather holster sheath. We suggest adding a Gold Star Purse holster that is made to the exact make & model of your firearm, thus providing you with a level one retention holster.  Add a purse holster to your handbag and receive 20% off the holster purchase.  Use coupon code HANDBAGNHOLSTER.

  • Item #: CVY002708

Olivia Studded Concealed Satchel

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