The "HOT ROD" Center Console Holster
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 The "Hot Rod" Center Console Holster is designed to utilize Hook and Loop to secure the holster to the inside of your center console.  We understand that not everyone wants their firearm out in the open under their steering column while in their automobile.  For this reason we developed the "Hot Rod".  This holster allows you to have your Firearm and extra Magazines at the ready when you open your center console allowing for a quicker draw and knowing right where the extra mags are.

NOTE:  As depicted in the photographs the firearm and magazines normally stand upright in the center console.  So your center console must be deep enough to accommodate your firearm standing on end.  Alternately one may adhere this holster to the inside of the lid of the center console and it will keep the firearm flat on the lid, if there is more room there.

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The "HOT ROD" Center Console Holster

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