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The Under The Steering Column Holster (U.S.Patent 9,340,164 B2) for the automobile is manufactured to hold your gun tightly under the steering wheel to the "underdash".  The fastener holds the holstered gun firmly to the dash.  The heavy duty hooks will not mahr your plastic dash and applys in seconds.  This fastening system will work on 90% of the vehicles out there.  Holster is made of all Kydex and standard in Black, but may be ordered in other colors as well. 

Please note that this holster holds the weapon very close to dash, so close that it is not possible to put your hand between the dash and the handgrip.  The holster is made, so that for a right handed person, you would extend your hand, palm up as if to accept money.  This allows you to SAFELY and SECURELY extract the firearm and be in the ready position.  Most people find this to be a natural motion with only a few practice draws.  The standard is for the butt of the hand grip to face left for right handed person, and face right for left handed person.  Please order accordingly. 

We have found that the 2007 1/2 and newer Chevy/GMC  trucks, Suburbans/Yukons do require a wider clip please check yes on this option if you are buying for one of these vehicles.

If you question the ability of this holster to fit in your vehicle please email us a picture of your dash to customerservice@goldstarholsters.com

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